Digital Certificate Functionality for Digital Notaries

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The Digital Certificate is a technological innovation that facilitates the work routine of entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers and doctors ensuring security in transactions carried out over the Internet. As an electronic file, the digital certificate allows individuals and companies to digitally sign documents with legal validity and allows various services to be performed without the need for physical presence, enabling agility in processes, sustainability and cost reduction.

The Digital Offices are expanding, bringing agility, practicality, economy, security in the transit of documents and elimination of physical space to store documents. Unlike the digitization of documents that allows the conversion of the physical document to a digital environment as a “digital xerox”, in digital notary offices all documents will be digitally rewritten and that is why the need to use the digital certificate as a digital signature of these rewritten documents ensuring integrity and authenticity.

The main services provided remotely by notaries using virtual platforms and digital certificates are:

  • Contracts
  • Certificates
  • Statements
  • Commitments
  • Investigations
  • Tanslations
  • Powers of attorney
  • Public Scripturespúblicas
  • Property sharing
  • Inheritance
  • Purchase and Sale of Properties

IWEBSIGN was created to meet the needs of Brazilians living in the United States, with the mission of facilitating the daily lives of those who need to sign documents digitally with the same legal validity as documents signed in person. Digital Certificates can be booked at the Miami service office, close to the International Airport or external booking at the preferred location.